August 4, 2021

Swimsuit Buying Guide

After winters, when you will make it through subzero temperature and blanket-sized scarves, and summers will hit, after this pandemic will be over, hopefully you can enjoy tropical vacations and packed pool parties. You will need perfect swimsuit for your perfect vacation or pool party. Because what’s better than a cool floral printed swimsuit. There’s no better way to start the summer than by treating yourself with a new swimsuit.  

There’s no greater feeling than finding a swimsuit you love, but getting there can be a challenge. To help, we’ve put together this swimsuit buying guide on what to look for. And how to choose one perfect swimsuit will give you confidence in water.

And, if you know what the benefits are of the swimsuits, then you will know for sure that you are going to have a swimsuit that will last for a long time. These are many benefits of purchasing and having good quality swimwear. It is one of the best way the get, and stay in shape.

Choosing the best swimsuits for you:

Many best swimsuit brands in the market today are making some of the most comfortable, stylish, and versatile styles out there, from itty-bitty bikinis and off-the-shoulder one-pieces to rash guards and swim tights .A good bathing suit needs to look flattering, fit well, feel supportive, and stay in place as you move. It also needs to be durable to stand up to summer’s elements and keep its shape use after use.

Fit and style: Embrace your body type, whether you have large hips, a large bust, or few curves and feel comfortable in your skin. Choose the style that fits your body and personality. Choosing a flattering fit for your body type will make you feel cool and confident when you dive into an endless summer. If you want to slim the hips, don’t go wild on bottom. Do bring focus up with a top in a lighter tone, or with fun details and or pretty pattern. Do go for a fairly high-cut bottom to create the illusion of longer, leaner legs.

Choose the right fabric: You might think that all women’s swimsuits are made from the same type of material. Especially, because this is clothing that is going to get wet when you are swimming.  However, this isn’t the truth.  You should choose the right fabric. Nylon is for avid and devoted swimmers, Lycra is for occasional swim days, spandex is for smooth and sleek shape and fit, Bandage is for sexiness. Nylon is probably the most common material used in swimwear as it is extremely strong, durable, lightweight and fits the body nicely as well as being quick drying. Cotton rarely features in high quality swimwear as it does not provide a very good fit, tends to sag after time and holds water – this is more commonly found in cheap or fashionable swimwear. Polyester is used for its chlorine resistant and fade resistant properties and is often mixed with other materials. If you don’t mind too much about the life expectancy of your swimsuit but comfort, fit and feel are important to you then a Lycra swimsuit is a good choice. You should choose strong, durable and high-quality swimwear that is made from the toughest material. Material that will not feel heavy when the suit is wet or that is taking way too long to get dry after a swim.

One-piece Swimsuit or Bikini: One piece swimsuits are the traditional and often the practical choice. They give you coverage. This type works well for high activity days when keeping things covered and in place is essential. They work wonders for showing off particular parts of your body while covering others. On the other hand, Bikinis come in two pieces. A top and a bottom and cover significantly less skin than a one-piece. They expose your midriff. Bikinis are ideal if rigorous swimming and water sports are not in the plans for your day at the beach. They are perfect for lounging around at pool parties or for responsible tanning.

Combinations: It’s now common to mix and match styles. Tankinis are examples of a two-piece with fuller coverage. Similarly wearing a fuller tank top with a bikini bottom is a fashion statement. If you prefer to show off your curves doing more vigorous water sports, consider these styles.

Chlorine resistance: Most good swim brands use some grade of chlorine resistant material when constructing swimwear, especially if it is destined for use in a pool, as chlorine is routinely added to swimming pools to keep them free from any bacteria that could be hazardous to human health. It can make the swimsuit dull, damage the material and even can damage your skin if the swimsuit takes way too long to dry. The moment that you are purchasing a high-quality swimsuit, you will see that no matter how much you are swimming in chlorine, the swimsuit will still stay the same. No color fading, and for sure no damage to the material itself.

Designs and patterns: The good quality swimwear comes with different designs and patterns available. Meaning that you can choose the pattern, design, and style that will suit your body perfectly.  This is what is best about good quality swimwear. They know the importance of designing different types of swimsuits that will fit different body types. Quality swimsuits mean that it fits perfectly on any women’s body. Making sure that it fits perfectly and feels comfortable.

Best swimsuits :

Your challenge is finding one that looks great, is durable and works for the occasion. One that hides what you want hidden and shows off what you wish to accentuate. The search is frustrating, discouraging, and time-consuming. To narrow down your search we have listed below the best swimsuit available today:

  1. Revel Rey Lace-Up Bikini
  2. Anemone Daisy One-Piece
  3. Juillet Poppy Bikini
  4. Oséree Glitter Bikini
  5. Ookioh Neon Bikini
  6. Reina Olga Belted One-Piece
  7. Juillet Eyelet Bikini
  8. Sidway Swim Tiger Bikini
  9. WeWoreWhat x Onia Bikini
  10. Solid & Striped Belted One-Pieces

Now, it’s time to give your swimwear drawer a much-needed refresh. We hope that our swimsuit buying guide helped you a lot in choosing your next swimsuit.